Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Favorit Blogs

Hi Everyone!!!  It's Bry here.  We are going to start adding our favorite blogs to the side bar.  These are our all time favorite blogs that we know you will not be disappointed in.  There are so many talented bloggers out there, but the ones that we will be listing are the ones that we keep going back to.  Today I am going to share 2 of my favorite fashion blogs.  The first one is The Beauty Mark.  My sister-in-law referred me to this blog and it is awesome.  It has lots of great fashion photography, product info, and beauty tips.  The second blog I am adding is Love Maegan.  I am not sure how I found this blog, but I am glad I did.  Ladies with long hair, you've got to check out all of her hair tutorials.  Great stuff.

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