Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cork's Halloween TableScape

Here's Cork's Halloween Tablescape.  We put this together in no time at all.  We took an old set of candlestick holders that Cork had laying around and Cork attached velcro to the candlestick and a glass vase to make it interchangeable.

We put grey shroud fabric inside the vase with a glittered  skeleton from the dollar store.  Its kinda creepy, but I guess that's the point.

Glittered candle for a pop of color!!!

To finish it off we took a feathered boa and cut a couple inches off the ends.  We used it to wrap the base of the candles.  Then we used the rest of the boa to wrap around the base of the candlesticks. 

So there it is!!  A quick, simple and affordable Halloween tablescape.

Next Halloween Task---THE MANTLE!!!!


  1. You guys! This stuff is great! When do you find the time? I love all of your ideas!

  2. Thanks Mandy for your sweet comment and for your support!!! These project really take no time at all. That's what makes them so great. We love to craft, but lets face it, we are all busy moms. Looking forward to giving you more ideas. Love, Bry and Cork