Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hair Bow

Here is a quick and easy bow you can use in a little girls hair or to add a lil' something to a gift.


Items Needed:

Three or four different coordinating ribbons
Hot glue gun and glue

Step 1:

Cut 2 pieces of your widest ribbon.  About 10 inches long.

Step 2:

Glue the ends together in a loop, for both of the ribbons.  Use a thin line of glue.

Step 3:

Cut the next ribbon 7 inches long. (You will need 2 pieces.)

Step 4:

Take both of the ribbons and make an X shape and put the smaller ribbon on top of the larger ribbon. Take a small piece of ribbon and tie it tight against the ribbon.

Step 5:

Tie a knot in the back to help keep it secure.

Step 6:

Add an embellishment to the middle, and fluff the bow, and you have a cute and simple little bow!!

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